The Art of the Alliance: How a Copywriting Agency Can Be a Trusted Partner

The Art of the Alliance_ How a Copywriting Agency Can Be a Trusted Partner

If you’re the head of your company’s marketing team, your days are spent staying ahead of ever-evolving messages in your industry and supporting various departments with the tools they need to succeed. Since there are so many moving gears that make up the marketing machine, many teams outsource what they can to reliable partners. One of the best examples of this is content marketing

Successful marketing leaders understand the true value of content marketing in today’s digital-first buying process and enlist professionals to make that work a little easier. However, deciding who to hire can make or break your content marketing goals. 

Here’s how you find the right copywriting agency partner.

A copywriting agency vs. a freelancer

Maybe you are considering hiring a freelancer because of budget constraints, or perhaps your company has “always done it this way.” Whatever the reason, this strategy, while usually cost-effective, has significant drawbacks

When deciding between hiring a copywriting agency vs. a freelancer, you are essentially deciding between:

Cost-effectiveness vs. Quality. Freelancers generally offer more affordable rates than copywriting agencies. However, by hiring a freelancer, you only have one individual involved in creating that content instead of an entire team. An item of content produced by an agency will not only involve a writer but also an editor, director, designer, and project manager before it ever reaches your inbox.

Flexibility vs. Reliability. Freelancers often work on a project-by-project basis, allowing companies to hire them as needed. Sometimes, this can even come with quicker turnaround times than agencies. However, freelancers are usually involved with multiple projects at once and are more likely to get behind. Agencies always have a project manager leading the efforts behind the scenes and can ensure projects are completed on time. Furthermore, while freelancers could have a faster quick turn-around than agencies, this is usually because it will not go through the rounds of revisions it would at an agency and will be lower in quality.

Specific Specialization vs. a Bench of Talent. Freelancers often have expertise in one specific niche or industry and can produce high-level content for that field. What happens when your agency wants to pivot or is interested in reaching out to a new industry persona? Content agencies have a roster of writers spanning different backgrounds and are able to provide high-quality content for a variety of industries. 

Creative freedom vs. Strategic Process. Freelancers often have more creative freedom compared to copywriting agencies. While that may sound like a good thing, the policies and guidelines of agencies are what drive a truly successful content strategy and keep your message aligned with your brand. 

One-on-one collaboration vs. Teamwork. Working with a freelance copywriter requires you to collaborate with one individual, which can get complicated if they are busy, out sick, on vacation, or simply miss your email. Working with an agency gives you the support of the whole team with various roles and their own check-and-balances so that you have robust support with multiple points of contact if needed.

While freelancers possess commendable writing skills, the holistic expertise of a copywriting agency is an invaluable asset that goes beyond mere content creation. Sure, copywriters can fulfill a writing assignment, but most can’t build a complete strategy from scratch and implement it for you the way an agency can.

An agency gives you strategy, research, linking, SEO, and analysis. Essentially, you will have an entire team working on your behalf. There is no secret sauce to content, but with a copywriting agency, you are hiring the full kitchen, not just one cook, to help serve up your brand to the world.

Now comes the question: How do you identify a “good” copywriting agency

Content workshop gives advice on content marketing and why you should hire a copywriting agency

What to look for in a copywriting agency

Maybe you encounter an agency that promises to elevate your brand’s strategy, propel your online presence forward, and unlock hidden potentials… *insert catchy sales pitch here*. However, instead of asking what makes a “good” content marketing agency, it will serve you better to ask what type of dynamic goes into finding and fostering the “right fit.”

To make the relationship successful for everyone involved, it’s important to see all the value they bring rather than seeing the agency as just a “writer.” If you see your content marketing or copywriting agency as an expert or partner rather than just a freelancer, you will foster respect and expertise and create a culture of trust that will protect and amplify your brand awareness. 

Behind-the-scenes strategy

Copywriting agencies possess diverse and multifaceted skill sets that extend beyond writing. From strategy development to research, SEO optimization to reporting, and even backlink strategy – the right agency will come to the table with their tried and true recipe for success and will tailor it to your brand’s unique voice and needs.

This profound ability to build a strategy and seamlessly implement it sets the right agencies apart, making them invaluable partners. 

Value beyond just words

Often, the viewpoint of agencies is narrowed to their writing prowess. However, to unlock the true potential of the partnership, we must acknowledge and appreciate the vast array of values they bring to the table and heed their advice and expertise. In other words, resist the urge to micromanage and allow yourself to relinquish a little bit of control to individuals you see as trusted experts.

Agencies possess the ability to dive deep into market research, understand your target audience’s nuances, and align your content with their needs and desires. Sure, they will never know your business quite like you do, but they CAN be valuable members of your team who share your company’s mission and voice with your audience, if you let them and set them up for success. 

Most importantly, agencies offer an outsider’s perspective and provide comprehensive reporting and analytics, providing valuable insights into consumer behavior and campaign performance. Instead of being overly attached to a certain piece of content, the right agency will focus on what works best according to strategy and are not afraid to tell you when something may not hit the mark.

Content workshop gives advice on content marketing and why you should hire a copywriting agency

A culture of trust

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful partnership. Establishing a relationship built on open communication, transparency, and mutual respect is crucial. Agencies, as experts in their field, bring a wealth of experience to the table. They are well-versed in the challenges of the digital landscape and possess the knowledge to navigate it successfully. Embrace their advice, collaborate on ideas, and trust their expertise while offering your own advice.

One of the most apparent ways to measure this culture of trust is when there is a difference of opinion. The success of copywriting agencies largely depends not only on their strategy in tandem with their writing ability but also on the trust you place in their judgment. Whether it be by the decision of your visionary CEO or the needs of one of your departments, sometimes what your company wishes to produce veers off course from that strategy, and there is a better way to pivot to a different approach with a higher conversion rate. 

The right agency will be honest and give you their take on the piece of content. If there is a blog that just won’t translate to your audience like you think it will, you need to know about it. At the end of the day, the copywriting agency is there to actualize your vision for your content, and they will do just that.

By fostering a culture of trust, agencies can truly become an extension of your marketing team, working towards shared goals and driving your brand’s success.

The power of collaboration

A copywriting agency is not simply a service provider; they should be true partners invested in your brand’s growth. To fully harness their expertise, it’s crucial to foster a collaborative environment where ideas flow freely and innovation thrives. 

Engage in open conversations, share insights, and allow the agency to immerse themselves in your brand’s vision. By treating the agency as an expert partner, you unlock a wealth of collective knowledge and creativity, resulting in content that resonates deeply with your audience.

Elevating the partnership with copywriting agencies goes far beyond solely considering them as proficient writers. Discovering an agency that brings specialized skills, strategy, research, SEO, reporting, and a dedicated team is invaluable for your brand’s success. By embracing the expertise and values they contribute, fostering trust, and embracing collaboration, we unlock the true potential of this partnership. 

Remember, it’s not just about the words on the page; it’s about harnessing the power of a true expert partner to propel your brand to new heights.

Still don’t know the “right” copywriting agency? 

Maybe that all sounds good in theory, but knowing who could carry this out in a relationship is difficult.

We’d like to throw our hat into the ring. 

Content Workshop was formed with the mission of using storytelling to help small and overworked marketing teams in transformative industries build their business. No matter your industry or background, we have storytellers to tell your message, strategists who can bake in the right stuff to get eyeballs on your pages, and designers who make it visually appealing to your audience.

Let us be your content partner! Message us to find out how.

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