Founded in 2019, Cyolo is a cybersecurity start-up that provides zero-trust access solutions to IT and OT companies. Cyolo’s Zero Trust Access platform is the first of its kind and provides digital security for remote, hybrid, and in-person organizations. As a small start-up with limited resources, Cyolo’s marketing team knew they needed an extra set of hands to get their content engine going and support their innovative solution.



Juggling Content Demands with Limited Resources

Cyolo approached Content Workshop with a pressing dilemma: the need to generate high-quality, scalable content to effectively guide their customers on their journey and meet the content demands of various stakeholders. Despite having a unique and exciting story, they faced the difficult task of translating their team's extensive IT and OT cybersecurity expertise into content that resonated with their audience.

Cyolo also faced a critical time constraint as a burgeoning player in the cybersecurity sector. They recognized the urgency of swiftly demonstrating return on investment (ROI) to their investors, which required a rapid upswing in content production to fuel their sales endeavors. Their time and capacity limitations for content creation not only posed a hurdle in terms of generating content but also in showcasing ROI to their investor community.


As Cyolo grew as a pioneer in cybersecurity solutions, our collaboration needed to be agile to rapidly create content that was both engaging and showcased ROI.. This called for seamless coordination across various fronts of their marketing efforts. Within our overarching strategy, we forged tight partnerships with Cyolo's Content Marketing, Product Marketing, and Demand Generation teams. This collaboration allowed us to respond swiftly to emerging use cases and cater to the diverse needs of their evolving audience base, almost in real-time.

We proudly stood as their sole content provider to support these pivots and new use cases, aligning our strategies and efforts with their ever-evolving needs. Together, we navigated the ever changing tides of cybersecurity marketing to ensure that Cyolo's groundbreaking solution found its voice and resonated across a spectrum of applications and users, fostering trust and innovation along the way.



Driving Cyolo’s Growth and Brand Voice Evolution

Over nine months, we created over 94 assets for Cyolo, including white papers, ebooks, buyer’s guides, case studies, blogs, social graphics, and infographics. Through these assets, we successfully supported Cyolo’s product marketing, content, and demand generation initiatives as well as the transition to their new branding and messaging. When asked about the results of our partnership, Jennifer Tullman-Botzer, Head of Content at Cyolo, shared that “Over the past year, the team has not only helped us to build an impressive library of content, but they’ve also worked alongside us to develop our brand voice and story.”


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