Cora Therapeutics, a company dedicated to innovating research-based wellness solutions for the whole body, developed Halo, an advanced, novel antioxidant designed to combat the effects of radiation exposure. After launching their corporate website, the Halo team was ready to launch a website focused on selling their flagship product with the goal of going live to their Canadian audience.



Balancing Education with Aesthetics

When Halo began working with the Web Development team at Content Workshop, they faced several challenges in getting their site up and running. This demanded a strategic and holistic approach to their content and web design that would redefine their online presence and maximize their reach.

First, their website needed to serve three distinct purposes: it had to be truly educational, aesthetically captivating, and a persuasive sales channel. Given the unique characteristics of their product, Halo wanted to seamlessly integrate education into their web design, ensuring that customers could quickly understand what Halo truly offered them. Their website also needed to drive swift conversions by making the website's information crystal clear and compelling, aligning with the existing brand's playful yet grounded ethos. Halo was also concerned that their initial release solely in Canada would lose future sales opportunities from international visitors who try to purchase at the initial launch.


We crafted a website that merged storytelling into the web design to effectively convey their brand's essence. Our approach involved infusing the brand’s identity into the web design to convey a playful, educational tone. We created an inviting online environment by translating the yellows and blues of Halo's brand into clean layouts, ensuring that visitors could effortlessly engage with the educational aspects of the product. This design and content integration worked synergistically to achieve Halo's goal of an informative yet visually appealing online presence.

To address the potential loss of international customers, we implemented a geofencing strategy that leveraged IP-address detection protocols to identify visitors outside Canada and encourage them to join the Halo mailing list. This enhances user experience and allows Halo to nurture a list of high-intent customers, ready to be targeted with marketing campaigns once the product becomes available outside of Canada.



Fast, User-Friendly Website Poised to Convert

We crafted a website that is not only fast and user-friendliness but is also a powerful tool for enhancing the lives of their customers with this industry-leading product. Our philosophy of client collaboration played a pivotal role in this success story. Instead of merely being a vendor tasked with building a website and moving on, we embraced our role as an extension of Halo’s business, which enabled us to consistently adapt to Halo’s evolving objectives and laid the foundation for continued growth.


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