Founded in the early 2000s, Keyfactor is a machine identity management company that provides solutions in the realm of public key infrastructure. These tools ensure the non-human actors within the enterprise ecosystem are trustworthy, and Keyfactor helps establish and scale this digital trust. To keep their foothold in the cybersecurity space and establish themselves as a thought leader, Keyfactor knew they needed a well-structured content strategy to fuel their content engine and aligned their marketing departments.



A Lack of Strategic and Content Alignment Across Teams

Prior to working with Content Workshop, Keyfactor’s Senior Director of Content & Communications Catherine Schultz faced a multifaceted challenge in Keyfactor’s content marketing approach. As a content marketing team of one, she grappled with the daunting task of bridging the gap between demand generation, product marketing, PR, and content creation, all while fielding content requests from leadership and other stakeholders. Furthermore, aligning content creation with the intricate SEO goals set by the product marketing team posed an additional hurdle. This fragmented approach made it difficult to establish an overarching vision and strategy for Keyfactor content.

Compounding the complexity, Keyfactor's domain encompasses niche areas such as IoT, PKI, machine identity, and certificate authority software. Crafting content that was not only accurate but also thought-provoking and engaging in such a technical landscape proved to be a significant challenge.


We worked closely with Catherine to build a year-long content strategy with a deliberate focus on their highest-value audience: C-level executives, senior directors, and board members. Our approach revolved around addressing two critical use cases—certificate management and IoT—positioning Keyfactor as the foremost authority in these domains. This strategic shift not only heightened brand recognition but also cultivated a sense of thought leadership, establishing Keyfactor as the go-to resource in the minds of its target audience.

Beyond content creation, we helped Catherine establish and benchmark the content metrics that quantify the success of our content. By facilitating collaboration across marketing teams, we ensured the content we helped create could support broader marketing initiatives and amplify their successes. This also allowed us to amplify the thought leadership voices of Keyfactor's exec team and cultivate buy-in around content through the quality of our pieces.



Creating Alignment through Comprehensive Annual Strategy and Thought Leadership Goals

Our content strategy streamlined the entire content lifecycle, facilitating a smoother flow from ideation and request to the final form. As part of our strategy, our team took the lead in orchestrating the release plans for Keyfactor's two flagship industry reports to ensure their maximum impact and reach in the target audience. We also significantly contributed to Keyfactor's thought leadership efforts by launching Keyfactor's monthly newsletter, which reached an audience of over 60,000 email subscribers and more than 2,000 LinkedIn followers. To continually assess the effectiveness of the content strategy, we implemented a robust reporting system, which allowed us to evaluate alignment with the original goals and measure the progress achieved.


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