Atlanta-based PadSplit came to Content Workshop in 2022. Formed in 2017, PadSplit was growing fast: with over 6,500 rental units across the country, they were expanding into new markets and needed content to support that growth. Fast strategy is one thing, smart strategy is another. We produced both quickly: a speedy and thoughtful strategy with an accelerated production calendar.



Time wasn’t on their side. Padsplit needed well-researched content, fast.

PadSplit had a marketing team and a content manager: what they didn’t have was time. They needed a team of writers to produce optimized content quickly. As their properties grew across the Southeast, they needed the story of their successful business model to reach potential renters in those cities in real-time. Beyond that, they wanted to build trust, reassure potential members, and shape the narrative around co-living rentals.

PadSplit had a general idea of its target clientele but hadn’t developed personas or ICPs. They needed market research, city- and neighborhood-specific data, and success stories – including case studies – to bolster their strengths. To achieve these goals, PadSplit needed a solid foundation built on a strategy that addressed all aspects of its business model.


By creating a keyword-based content strategy that could be geo-targeted as they expanded, we created a content marketing plan focusing on city-specific data, persona targets, and SEO with a story-first approach. We also shaped messaging that educated the public regarding the benefits and potential challenges of co-living rentals. More than anything, we wanted to reach potential renters in their time of need.

Our content calendar not only outlined when each piece would publish, it also drilled down to every cluster key phrase, subtopic key phrase, persona target, and the city-specific data to support each article. Our extensive linking strategy, based on pillar content, could be customized for each new city as PadSplit grew. In addition, PadSplit’s story – and the stories of their members – were front and center.



Multi-Phased Strategy Created a Foundation for Growth

Our initial partnership with PadSplit developed the strategy. Phase II implemented that strategy. We produced six to eight pieces of optimized content per month and tracked their organic traffic results and SERP rankings as they grew. From blogs to case studies, to long-form downloadables, Content Workshop helped build a solid foundation for PadSplit during their time of remarkable growth.


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