Primer is a creative agency founded by three engineers specializing in growth marketing ads on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Their method for creating these video and static ads involves rapid iteration creation and testing of ad versions against one another to determine best performance. They also focus on creating overarching ad experiences that lead the potential buyer from ad to landing page to conversion. The company's vision is to make growth available to all great businesses.



Searching for Effective Keyword and Content Strategy

Before working with Content Workshop, Primer had an existing story and messaging and a repeatable method for acquisition for new customers to come into the platform. However, there was a noticeable gap in their overall strategy – a void that needed to be filled with compelling and purposeful content. They recognized the pressing need to streamline and reinforce their customer acquisition process through strategic content, but they struggled to find the right keyword and content strategy that could effectively guide prospects through this journey.

Primer understood they needed more than just content creation; they required a strategic partner who could provide valuable insights, expertise, and direction. This partner would assist them in honing their keyword selection, refining their content strategy, and ultimately crafting content that would not only resonate with their audience but also act as the building blocks of a comprehensive buyer's funnel.


To approach Primer's need for a strategic partner, we began by identifying key personas within Primer's target audience, including their unique characteristics, preferences, and pain points. This allowed us to create content that resonated with their audience at every stage of the decision-making process. We coupled our persona and keyword research to pinpoint the most relevant and high-impact keywords in their industry. Together, these served as the foundation for our content strategy.

Using this persona-driven strategy, we generated a wide range of actionable content, including blog posts and case studies to support their offerings. Through this content, we aimed to establish Primer as a trusted industry authority, nurture potential leads, and guide visitors toward conversion. Our strategy addressed Primer's immediate content needs and laid a strong foundation for their long-term content strategy.



Powering Rapid SEO Results with Actionable Content

The results of our collaboration with Primer speak volumes about the transformative power of strategic content and SEO optimization. Over a concise three-month period, we undertook an extensive content overhaul, which included the creation of 14 actionable blog posts and a refresh of six existing blogs aimed at bolstering Primer's SEO performance. The impact was resounding, as three target keywords from  Primer's content pillars showed significant progress. Although all keywords originally ranked over 100, UGC template improved to a rank of 34, creative brief template improved to 24, and Ad library improved to 20. These results underscore how our strategic content initiatives not only improved Primer's online presence but also optimized their content for greater impact.


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