Sera Systems, founded by Billy Stevens, is a Field Service Management software company. Sera’s platform was designed to help small- to medium-sized HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and other home service businesses reduce the chaos of their day-to-day business operations, allowing them to focus on high-value work and increase their bottom line. To demonstrate the value they bring to their customers, Sera knew they needed to clarify their messaging to highlight their key differentiators.



Sera needed messaging to stand out among their competitors.

Sera came to Content Workshop in 2023 with the challenge of elevating their current messaging to better encapsulate their unique value propositions amongst other field service management platforms. Sera found themselves sandwiched between two competitors who are either overpriced and over-complicated or too simple to truly serve customers’ business needs, so their messaging needed to illustrate why they were the Goldilocks solution for most field service businesses. Their biggest challenge to achieve this was translating all of their key differentiators and values into succinct messaging that makes it clear to their customers why Sera is the right solution for their business woes while also resonating with their wide variety of clientele.

Outside of establishing clear external brand messaging, Sera also wanted to craft internal messaging to align across their marketing and sales teams about how they talk about the unique ways that Sera serves their customers.  This messaging needed to reflect the mission and vision of their founder while also demonstrating the company's goals for the future.


In response to their need for a brand story that sets them apart from their competitors, our team leveraged the power of their founder’s unique experiences and visions with input from other key stakeholders across the company to build messaging that would resonate across their internal team as well as their key industries. We initiated this process by exploring the founder’s story of building the business, extracting insights that told the larger brand story, and interviewing other team members to ensure that story aligns with the culture and vision of the rest of the team.

Our approach included the development of Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV), detailed personas representing the business apparatus of their clients, clear values to align their team, and succinct and impactful taglines for each of their core industries.



Refining Sera’s Brand Story for their Unique Customer Base.

Our comprehensive approach encompassed the input of the founder as well as the rest of the team and led to clear, concise messaging that was immediately adopted by the team into advertising campaigns and internal documentation. Our team was able to reform their brand story into four core taglines for the business, including one for their overarching business, “The New Service Era,” and one for each of their core industries, “HVAC without the havoc,” “Wired for growth,” and “Find a better flow.” The industry-specific taglines simply and clearly convey Sera’s topline value of “Sera replaces the chaos of service work with clarity and control.”


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