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Founded in 1999, Source2 is a recruitment processing outsourcing firm specializing in high-volume recruitment of frontline and essential workers. Source2’s passion is helping companies find and retain these essential workers by acting as more than a staffing firm but rather as an extension of the company’s team. To continue to grow in this space, Source2 knew they needed help craft a clear brand identity that set them apart from the competition.



Struggling with Differentiation and Brand Awareness

Source2 approached Content Workshop in 2022 with the challenge of establishing a unique brand identity and effectively communicating their value proposition. Their biggest challenge was distinguishing themselves in a crowded marketplace of other recruitment and talent acquisition firms while also being clear about the services they offer. Moreover, a significant portion of their target audience was unaware of Source2 as an option for their recruiting needs.

In addition to increasing brand awareness, Source2 needed support to craft core brand messaging that expressed their value through a cohesive story representing their already strong internal brand culture. Not only did this brand messaging need to reflect their internal culture, but it also needed to resonate across a diverse spectrum of industries, from manual labor to healthcare professionals and financial teams. This required a versatile storytelling approach that could bridge the gaps between these diverse sectors, while conveying the company's unique strengths and offerings.


In response to their need for a cohesive brand story to increase brand awareness, our team embarked on a comprehensive strategy that harnessed the power of their internal culture and translated it into language that could effectively resonate across the wide spectrum of industries they served. We initiated this process by thoroughly exploring their organizational values, strengths, and North Star internal culture, where everyone was already speaking the same language.

Our approach included the development of a comprehensive framework, encompassing the formulation of their Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV), creating detailed personas representing their diverse clientele, and crafting a succinct and impactful tagline. To ensure the success and resonance of this messaging strategy, we engaged in extensive conversations with key internal stakeholders, ranging from the CEO and VPs to team leads across various departments.



Distilling Source2’s Brand Story

Our collaborative approach fostered consensus and buy-in with internal stakeholders, from the CEO and VPs to the team leads, around the messaging. This ensured that everyone within Source2 felt personally connected to and enthusiastic about the new brand narrative. Achieving alignment and endorsement across such a diverse array of internal voices was a significant accomplishment in and of itself, further solidifying Source2's commitment to their newfound brand identity. The result of our overarching messaging solution can be summed up in the final tagline that encapsulated Source2's value proposition in an exceptionally simplified, action-oriented form: "Solving High-Volume Recruiting Challenges." This tagline not only succinctly conveyed their core competency but also acted as a unifying message that resonated with their target audience.


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