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Most likely, at some point, you’ve taken an MBTIⓇ assessment – the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator questionnaire. The Myers-Briggs Company is one of the world’s largest business psychology providers with offices, partners, and certified independent consultants in 115 countries. Since 1975, they’ve been “a force for good” utilized by companies, government agencies, universities and colleges, and NGOs around the world.



Lacking the experience to launch a podcast? Enter Content Workshop.

The Myers-Briggs Company came to us with a singular initial need: high-quality, well-researched, and beautifully designed eBooks. They had full writing and design teams, but facing looming end-of-year goals, the Global Director of Content was running out of time.

After the success of their eBooks – which met end-of-year deadlines in 2021 – Myers-Briggs came to us with another request: When it comes to launching a podcast, where do we start? For once, the very experienced content team at Myers-Briggs was out of their realm of expertise. (If anyone knows their strengths, weaknesses, and when to seek an outside agency for assistance, it’s Myers-Briggs!) In addition, the guests for the podcast were scattered worldwide. The excitement for the podcast launch quickly went from “Great idea!” to “What do we do next?”


We assisted Myers-Briggs with the organization and project management required to launch a podcast from scratch. From equipment to logistics, from platform choices to theme music to distribution, even to guests and ideation for topics and content – we helped provide a hiccup-free launch of Season One.

Today, we continue to provide original blog posts, podcast-supporting blogs, eBooks, and content strategy assistance for Myers-Briggs when opportunities –or time crunches – arise.



Instant Success for Season One of Their Podcast

The Myers-Briggs Podcast launched to near-immediate success, with listens and downloads far exceeding initial expectations. Listeners from around the world are now tuned in to episodes on conflict in the workplace, trust and transparency, and management styles. Season Two launched in mid-2023.


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