Content Workshop Introduces The Giggin’ Podcast

Content Workshop Introduces The Giggin’ Podcast

April 21th, 2020 – Clearwater, Florida –   The Content Workshop is excited to announce it has launched a new Podcast for Content Creators, The Giggin’ Podcast.

The Podcast derives its name and direction from the ever pervasive gig economy that many people find themselves navigating today. The show will delve into topics surrounding gigging struggles and successes, provide tips and tricks, and tell the stories of people who have learned to thrive in the gig economy. 

David J. Ebner, President of Content Workshop, will host the podcast which will include interviews with Content Workshop members and giggin’ experts from around the globe. 

“Our company’s mission is to help content creators thrive in the economy of the day,” shared David J. Ebner. “Today, that’s the gig economy. Whether it’s a side hustle or your main gig, finding a way to navigate a path to prosperity by leveraging our passions, is a dream we all share.”

The giggin' podcast 

What You’ll Hear on the Giggin’ Podcast

The Giggin’ Podcast is designed for an audience of individuals looking to run their own small business and will cover topics like:

  • Selling Your Skills
  • Managing Your Time, Projects, and Business Operations
  • How to make Connections and Build Your Team
  • Navigating Your own Marketing and Building a Brand
  • Developing your Own Content
  • Improving your Skills Through Self-education
  • Much, much more!

“The playbook on how to gig through life by using your skills in unique ways has already been written,” Ebner continued. “Not only has every member of the Content Workshop team done this successfully, but we built an entire business around the idea. Anyone looking to improve themselves will get value from our show.”

If you’re interested in learning more about our podcast, you can listen to the trailer at You can also subscribe to our podcasts to get exclusive content and the latest episodes as they drop on:

About Content Workshop

The Content Workshop was founded in 2013 as a place for creative writers to workshop the content they wrote as freelance writers. Today, those same writers use storytelling to advance any brand’s marketing goals by producing premium-quality digital and print content. To date, Content Workshop has produced over 1,000 pieces of content for companies in the legal, software, and nonprofit marketplaces. You can learn more about Content Workshop at, or by emailing Susan Ishmael at 

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