What’s New at Content Workshop?

What’s New at Content Workshop_

Content Workshop is a content marketing agency with offices in Clearwater, Florida and Lexington, Kentucky. We believe in the story of your business, and we partner with you to write unique content using our proven SEO strategy. Our goal is to grow organic traffic to your website, helping you convert those followers into customers, and those customers into advocates for your business. For more information about our Pro Services, check us out at Content Workshop or contact Susan Ishmael, our Director of Sales and Partnerships, at

The Covid-19 Pivot 

At the beginning of the Covid-19 global pandemic in early 2020, companies all over the world changed their practices to accommodate work-from-home practices. The shift to a work-from-home environment happened swiftly, although not all together seamlessly. We all “pivoted”, remember? Lots of other new words and phrases entered our vocabulary at the dawn of the pandemic, too. We learned about flattening the curve, how to shelter in place, what it means to social distance, how to self isolate. Masking–and an opposition to masking–became the new normal. Vaccinations arrived, and entire new policies were written to make room for mitigating the global pandemic. We’d entered a new world, and businesses had three choices:  to adapt and thrive, to modify practices and survive, or to shutter their windows and close their doors permanently. At Content Workshop, we wanted to adapt and thrive–and to help clients do the same. 

So we doubled down on Zoom, looked at each other in our Brady bunch style grid, and brainstormed how to weather the upheaval we could all see coming. 

We focused on answering these three questions:

  • How could we help writers and designers who were being downsized, laid off, or were looking to work from home? 
  • What did we need to do to meet the needs of our team?
  • What did our existing clients need most? 

The decisions were clear. By putting the oxygen mask on writers, designers, and our own team first, we knew we’d be better equipped to help our clients in the long run. 

EDU by Content Workshop

We decided to begin by helping content creators thrive, not just survive. In mid-2020, we created EDU by Content Workshop, a series of courses and lessons designed by our team of content marketing experts to help teach creatives to channel their talents into long-term, well-paying, work-from-home gigs. We provide both a Copywriting Certificate and a Graphic Design Certificate through EDU, and for the past year, we’ve made it possible for hundreds of content writers, marketers, and designers to expand their knowledge and land consistent freelance work. 

Content Workshop Pro Services

We then focused on our internal team. Our Pro Services provide everything from long-term, big-scale content management projects including optimized blogs, white papers, case studies, and press releases, to one-time graphic design requests, animation, and video work. We already worked from home, scattered through multiple time zones, but we understood the new challenges brought about by the pandemic. Children were now home during the day and not at school. Financial situations were tighter than ever. We worked to make sure our writers, designers, and project managers were assigned manageable workloads. And then, we beefed up our support staff and sales department to make sure we were ready to tackle the dynamic needs of our clients, as well. 

We added Riley Manning as Director of Operations, and Francesca Panto as our cat-herder and deadline-enforcer extraordinaire (Officially? She’s our Project Director.) Susan Ishmael, a long-time freelance writer for us who happens to have 20 years of experience in advertising sales management, joined us as Director of Sales and Partnerships. We’ve added new writers as well–and all of our writers, incidentally, have master’s degrees in either English or Creative Writing. With this team in place, we doubled-down on delighting our existing customers, so much so that the “Delight Score” of each client–no matter how large or small–is the first thing we discuss in our weekly meetings. 

Content Workshop Clients

That brings us to you–our clients, and our potential clients. As we expanded internally, the reason was so we can meet your needs as you weather the pandemic, and beyond. Our new Lexington, Kentucky office opemed in October, 2021 (although we work from home, we still recognize the importance of meeting you where you are, and not, say, at my kitchen table.) In addition, we’re launching new initiatives focused on specific market segmentations (more on that to come soon.) 

Why Lexington? Besides the fact that we love the climate, the horse racing culture, and the Bourbon Trail, we love the people. And from what we’ve seen, there’s a lot of room for businesses to grow via content marketing in Lexington, Kentucky, which is what we love to do more than anything. 

Whether you are a SaaS start-up, a law firm, a nonprofit, a well-established Kentucky business, or an advertising agency looking for a white-label content partner, we believe we can meet you where you are. We’re here to develop a plan and strategy for how your own story can be translated into optimized content for your website to help you grow your client base. 

And Now, Your Story

This is just a little bit about our story. Now, we want to learn more about you. Our hope is to learn your story so that we can answer these questions together: 

  • How do you connect with your potential customers online? 
  • What part of your story compels buyers to reach out to you? 
  • How do you reach decision-makers for larger companies that need your services? 
  • What kind of SEO strategy does your company need to reach those who need what you offer? 
  • How can keyword research, persona building, and a targeted content marketing strategy help grow organic traffic, and in turn, grow your business? 
  • In short: How can Content Workshop help? 

Reach out and say hello, or leave a comment here. We’re happy to jump on a 30-minute call to learn your story and determine if we can solve your business growth conundrums. Contact us today to learn more.

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