Content Workshop Opens Lexington, Kentucky Office

Content Workshop Opens Lexington, Kentucky Office

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY: Content Workshop was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing storytelling solutions for small, overworked marketing teams in transformative industries looking to grow through content. Since their inception, Content Workshop has grown to service SaaS companies, start-ups, family-owned ventures, and mid-sized businesses dedicated to growing their client base via content marketing and organic results. Using a proven system of keyword research, persona building, and ideation, Content Workshop aims to delight their clients with original, engaging content that brings new customers to their clients’ businesses. They will be located at 110 West Vine Street Suite 300, Lexington, Kentucky, 40507.

“Content Workshop’s growth in the past two years is directly tied to our unique partners having stories worth telling. As we started to look for an additional office we quickly landed on  Lexington, Kentucky as the perfect choice. Centrally located to our existing partners, we also saw a great opportunity to grow our specialty–content marketing–in a region rich with history and storytelling. Since we see our work as telling the stories of our brands, there is no better place for us to expand than Lexington,” said David J Ebner, CEO and President, Content Workshop.

“As a Kentucky native, I’m excited to lead our Kentucky office in the place I’ll always call home. I look forward to reestablishing old relationships and forming new ones. Sharing our clients’ stories via content marketing is an art and a science, and our team can’t wait to get started.” Susan Ishmael, Director of Sales and Partnerships, Content Workshop.

For more interview requests or more information about Content Workshop, contact: 

Susan Ishmael

110 West Vine Street, Suite 300

Lexington, Kentucky, 40507


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