A New Name and New Mission for Content Writer Workshop

A New Name and New Mission for Content Writer Workshop

Clearwater, Florida – March 11th, 2020 – Today, on the 7 year anniversary of its founding, the Content Writer Workshop announces a new name and a new core mission. 

From now on, the company will move forward as just the Content Workshop. The move is designed to better align with solutions the company currently offers and plans to launch in the near future.

“When the business formed years ago, it consisted of a group of writers who came together to help one another on freelance projects,” says David J Ebner, President. “Today, we’re a cohesive team that’s produced over 1,000 pieces of content. But after analyzing all of that content, we noticed that nearly 40% of the work had nothing to do with writing. Almost half of our efforts have been toward creative and strategy projects like graphic design, videography, animation, brand development, content strategy, and other services. With all that in mind, we’re renaming and rebranding.”

New Mission for Content Workshop 

Content Workshop has also re-evaluated its core mission. Their new mission statement is this:

 Helping content creators thrive in the economy of the day

Content Workshop’s original mission was to use storytelling to advance a brand’s marketing goals. The company has come to realize that, while the original mission speaks to what the company does, it doesn’t adequately express the reasons its members joined forces in the first place.

“We don’t wake up in the morning motivated solely by the opportunity to tell stories,” Ebner said. “We produce successful pieces of content by using our artistic skills–each of our writers holds an MFA in creative writing–but we also really want to help our fellow content creators on the team. It’s through the joint effort of writers and designers that we have the opportunity to tell a brand’s story and individually thrive as content marketers as an outcome. ” 

The Content Workshop first coalesced as a team made up of friends and professional acquaintances who decided to get organized to help each other turn their art into a career. Friends and family were drawn into the Content Workshop because team members saw that they had an artistic skill and wanted to help them find a way to monetize that skill. And although Content Workshop will continue to provide its current suite of services, it will also provide new solutions to help people looking for a way to translate their artistic skill set into a career in today’s competitive content generation economy”

Content Workshop will launch a new podcasting service in the coming weeks designed to help brands produce a podcast regardless of their technical skills. The company approaches 2021 with a view to offering educational tools engineered to help people launch challenging and lucrative careers as content creators. 

About Content Workshop

The Content Workshop was founded in 2013 as a place for creative writers to workshop the content they wrote as freelance writers. Today, those same writers use storytelling to advance any brand’s marketing goals by producing premium-quality digital and print content. To date, Content Workshop has produced over 1,000 pieces of content for companies in the legal, software, and nonprofit marketplaces. You can learn more about Content Workshop at, or by emailing Susan Ishmael at 

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